Reloading and packing our motorcycles

Other cool riders

On our trip, we've met plenty of cool people doing similar trips, and got some great info of people we've never met. Follow links to read their stories.

We met Brian in Yellowstone. Someone else who was on a mission (New Mexico to Alaska and back), and someone else who learnt to ride on the Bolaven Plateau, Laos. How cool was that? He has excellent piccies of places we didn't get to, esp Alaska, and great blog entries (web archive)

Jammin Global set off on a trip not unlike ours, a few months earlier. We follow his site to see what might be lying ahead of us!

We met Dan (Argentinian) Meghan (Canadian) and Lola on the ferry from La Paz to Mazatalan... they drove from their old home in Canada to their new one in Argentina.

Adrienne is doing Colombia to Tierra del Fuego, on HER OWN, and although we haven't met (yet) she's given us a tonne of good info. Look her up on Facebook.

We crossed the Guatemala/Honduras border with young half US half Latino Alex. His blog is

We crossed the Honduras/Nicaraguan border and latter in Costa Rica (at a sloth sanctuary) hooked up again with British Dom and Tracey, riding 2-up on a BMW. This was the first time we rode with anyone else the whole trip, and there couldn't be nicer people to do it with. Dom has plans for Africa... one to follow. Check out his blog

Crossing the gap from Panama to Colombia with us were 3 other bikers:

Our favourite German and all round good guy, Marcus (Cuo lindo), who we intend on spending more time riding with as we head south. He's also got lots of cool piccies of the

Simon (French Canadian): remind us of the address Simon, we've forgotten it!

Bill (American, but you won't find out where he is... seems posting a video on YouTube of Mexican cops taking a heavy bribe is perhaps not the best thing to do):

And here is a link to a fellow ADV rider's website, also a good source of route info: (web archive)

Another good site with trip information: (web archive)

Send us an email from the contact page and let us know what you're up to!