Local fishing on a beach in Bail

Da Trip - SE Asia

July to October 2006

Chris and Alan at the Airport

This is a story about our first overseas excursion or OE.

The story starts a long time ago, well Easter Friday, 2006 to tell the truth. Chris had finally put forward a hand in date on her thesis, and we were trying to decide what we should do. The first thing that came to mind was a nice break, and Oz seemed like the best place to get it. Since traveling there seemed a bit expensive, we decided that we should have a cheaper holiday, so we turned out attention outwards to South East Asia.

Now 2 months later, we starting to pack up our lives, booked our flights, and we have almost finished planning our itinerary. Four plus months, to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.

Merlion Statue


The main hub in our trip in the region.

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Boat on the river


The first 5 weeks of our first visit to SE Asia were spent in M'sia.

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Budda head overgrown in tree roots


Our first ever megacity, ruins galore and our first real intrepid travel.

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Statue beside temple


Happiness through harmony. Passing over the border for a day at Mae Sai - Tachileck.

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Lady harvesting rice by hand


We made it. Fantastic place, already changed the plans to spend a couple more days here.

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Old buildings


We left Laos, and had the most interesting border crossing into Cambodia.

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Man using hand net on a beach

Bali, Indonesia

Our final destination after our 2 month stopover in Singapore. 5 days to relax on the beach before Oz.

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Original itinerary

Yeah, the best plans aren't set in stone. We had proposed the calender below, but that's changed around plane schedules, etc. We'll update what we actually did when we get back to the peninsula...

This is our rough itinerary as of mid June 2006.

23 Singapore
24 Travel into Malaysia & up eastern side to Mersing. Boat to Palau Tioman.
25 Palau Tioman
26 Palau Tioman
27 Palau Tioman
28 Palau Tioman
29 Palau Tiomanto Mersing & back to Johor Bahru (near Singapore)
30 Flight from Johor Bahru to Kuching, Southern Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.
31 Kuching :: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre & Kubah National Park

August 2006

1 Kuching :: Bako National Park
2 Kuching :: Bako National Park
3 Kuching
4 Kuching to Sibu
5 Sibu to Miri
6 Miri to Bario
7 Bario
8 Bario
9 Bario
10 Bario
11 Bario to Miri
12 Miri to Gunung Mulu National Park

Maybe Bario to Long Terawan by boat, then upstream to the Park

13 Gunung Mulu National Park
14 Gunung Mulu National Park
15 Gunung Mulu National Park
16 Gunung Mulu National Park to Miri
17 Miri to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Northern Malaysian Borneo.
18 Tunka Abdul Rahman National Park
19 Tunka Abdul Rahman National Park
20 Tunka Abdul Rahman National Park
21 Kinabalu National Park
22 Kinabalu National Park
23 Kinabalu National Park
24 Kinabalu National Park
25 Ranau & Poring Hot Springs
26 Ranau & Poring Hot Springs
27 Kota Kinabalu
28 Kota Kinabalu to Johor Bahru, Peninsular Malaysia. (By Singapore)
29 Melaka
30 Kuala Lumpur
31 Kuala Lumpur

September 2006

1 Ipoh
2 Ipoh
3 Cross into Sutan, Thailand via Alor Star/Sadao border crossing
4 Sutan to Mu Ko Taruto National Park
5 Mu Ko Taruto National Park
6 Mu Ko Taruto National Park
7 Mu Ko Taruto National Park to Sutan

Park is offically closed here, if no boats, then alt. plans will be kayaking around Mu Ko Phetra National Park and a couple days in Mu Ko Lanta

8 Sutan to Krabi
9 Krabi
10 Krabi
11 Krabi
12 Krabi
13 Krabi to Islands : Ko Phi Phi & Ko Yao Yai
14 Phuket
15 Phang-Nga National Park
16 Phang-Nga National Park
17 Khao Sok National Park
18 Khao Sok National Park
19 Chumphon (East Coast Beach Town)
20 Bangkok
21 Ayutthaya
22 Phitsanulok : Sukhothai
23 Mae Sot
24 Mae Sot to Myawadi, Myanmar(Burma) for the day
25 Umphang (weather permitting)
26 Umphang (weather permitting)

Alternative plans, longer treks near Mae Hong Son

27 Mae Hong Son
28 Mae Hong Son
29 Mae Hong Son
30 Pai (between Mae Hong Son & Chiang Mai)

October 2006

1 Pai
2 Chiang Mai
3 Chiang Mai
4 Mae Sai
5 Nan or Phrae
6 Nan or Phrae
7 Nan or Phrae
8 Si Satchanalai (Phitsanulok)
9 Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
10 Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
11 Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
12 Udon Thani
13 Vientiane
14 Udon Thani
15 Nakhon Pathom
16 Nakhon Pathom
17 Nang Rong (Phanom Rung)
18 Uban Ratchathani, Thailand to Pakxe, Laos
19 Bolaven Plateau
20 Champasak
21 Si Phan Don
22 Si Phan Don
23 Si Phan Don
24 Si Phan Don to Kratie
25 Kratie to Phnom Penh
26 Phnom Penh
27 Siam Reap
28 Siam Reap
29 Bangkok

Buffer side trip for holdups in Cambodia
Alternertive plans for 30th to 2nd, Ko Samui or beaches in Malaysia

30 Kanchanaburi
31 Three Pagodas Pass & Khao Laem National Park

November 2006

1 Khao Laem National Park
2 Bangkok
3 Koto Bahru
4 Kuala Temburg
5 Taman Negara
6 Taman Negara
7 Taman Negara
8 Taman Negara
9 Jerantut
10 Singapore to Denpasar, Bali to Surabaya, East Java

TODO:: Change tickets from ...
Depart: SINGAPORE (Mon 30 October 09:35) to DENPASAR BALI, INDONESIA (Mon 30 October 12:05)

11 Surabaya, East Java
12 Ujung Pandang, (formerly Makassar), Sulawesi
13 Ujung Pandang
14 Ujung Pandang
15 Ujung Pandang
16 Ujung Pandang
17 Ujung Pandang to Surabaya
18 Surabaya to Denpasar, Bali
19 Denpasar
20 Lombok, Komodo & Flores Islands
21 Lombok, Komodo & Flores Islands
22 Lombok, Komodo & Flores Islands
23 Lombok, Komodo & Flores Islands
24 Denpasar
25-6 Flight Back

Depart: DENPASAR BALI, INDONESIA (Sat 25th, 13:05) to SINGAPORE (15:35)

Depart: SINGAPORE (25th 21:05) to CHRISTCHURCH (Sun 26th November 11:35)
Airline: SINGAPORE AIRLINES :: Flight: SQ 297