Llama in the foreground of Machu Picchu


July 2008

The travel diaries are in storage already so no glorious rave, but you really should visit. It's close to (if not) our favourite place so far.

We had 7 days on Epi Island at Lamen Bay; Chris cried when she had to get on the plane to go back to Villa (which says as much as needs saying really), we missed our connecting flight to Old Man Yasur (The Volcano on Tana) so went to Santos for 3 days (over-rated), then a few days in Villa. The local people (away from the towns) have to be the friendliest you will ever meet anywhere in the world, the reef is good (if there aren't crown of thorns starfish), the Kava goes down nicely (but then kills your gut for a few days), even Chris ate the fish (yummy Wahoo) and we almost forgot, our first Dugong!