Cambodia ruins


5 ‎October ‎2006

We left Laos, and had the most interesting border crossing into Cambodia, paying another $3US 'fee' for the passport stamp in a hut in the middle of nowhere!

Our rushed trip through Cambodia saw a few of the main tourist traps like Angkor Wat, the Russian Markets and misc other things around Phnom Penh. We probably also had one of our most bizarre travelling experience coming back to our hostel in Boeung Kak at 3am. We were meet by a young guy trying to push us some weed. When we declined, we were offered speed, coke and heroin, which of course we declined. We asked if he knew where we could get some bottled water and he ran off for got us some from a nearby shop.

Update 2015: Our fantastic $2 USD food and accommodation hostel on the shores of Boeung Kak is sadly no more. This and other lakes in Phnom Penh have been filled in and turned into residential or commercial zones. Wikipedia