A row of tall gold Buddhist statues are on display at the beautiful Shwe Dagon Pagoda temple in Tachilek, Burma (Myanmar)


‎22 ‎September ‎2006

Cross the border for a day at Mae Sai - Tachileck.

We bypass the border beggars and touts, and just walk around the town for a few hours. We visit a temple - Mahayana Buddhist influence is obvious in the figures at the local Wat (that's the Tibetan form). We tell a local girl off for insisting that freeing birds has something to do with proper Buddhist practice - she goes away. We eat these terrible waffle pancake things - well, we have a couple of bites, and drink the most vicious cup of tea I've ever had - tasted like a mix of camel piss and tobacco. Yuk. But the people are warm and inviting, and there is something that draws you in. I was enchanted. It's a place I'll go back to for sure.